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LED Luminaire ДББ 03У
Luminaires for
Dwelling and Communal Facilities

Wall luminaires of the ДББ 03У “NOVATOR-LED” series are designed for general illumination of dwelling and communal facilities (porches, lobbies and staircases in the dwelling houses, corridors, halls, vestibules, auxiliary and economic premises at various organizations and institutions).

The luminaires are indispensable in places where saving of electricity, long-term service life and high reliability are needed. The basic features of the luminaires are high luminous efficiency, noiselessness during operation, absence of stroboscopic effect and vibration, stability of luminous intensity in the whole range of the supply voltage, resistance to external vibrations and vandalism, a wide range of operating temperatures and supply voltages, instant cut-in even at profound negative temperatures, a service life of more than 10 years.

The luminaires provide a significant saving of electricity in comparison with other types of luminaires (with incandescent, luminescent and discharge ones). The luminaires do not need regulation and adjustment during use.

Technical Characteristics:
Nominal luminous flux, lm 800
Type of the curve of luminous intensity as per ГОСТ 17677 Д
Nominal value of the correlated colour temperature, °К 5000
Nominal power, W 10
Power factor 0.8
Ripple factor of the luminous flux 100
Class of protection against electric current shock as per ДСТУ ІЕС 60598-1 II
Protection level IP as per ДСТУ ІЕС 60598-1 ІР40
Climatic version and positioning category as per ГОСТ 15150 УЗ
Ambient temperature value during use, °С from 1 to 35 °С
Nominal voltage of alternating-current mains, V 220, 50 Hz
Voltage range of alternating-current mains, V 150-270, 50 Hz
Colour-rendering index CRI 80 Ra
Service life of the luminaires, years 10
Overall dimensions, mm 224х148х45
Mass, kg 0.3
Guarantee service life 2 years


  • Up to 70 % of energy saving with the optimal luminous flux in comparison with incandescent and halogen luminaires;
  • Term of use of more than 10 years;
  • Instant cut-in;
  • It does not need replacement of the light sources;
  • It does not contain mercury and inert gases;
  • Ecological safety is one of the strongest arguments of light-emitting diodes;
  • It does not need special salvaging and storage;
  • it does not contain UV and IR radiation;
  • Guarantee of 2 years, a wider guarantee is possible, at the corresponding level of the project, up to 3 and 5 years;
  • It corresponds to the requirements of the European safety regulations;
  • The design of the power supply unit and LED module is resistant to changes of the voltage in the electricity supply networks (АС 176-264 V);
  • Ukrainian production with European quality at Ukrainian prices;
  • Energy efficiency corresponds to the European standard.