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Ultraviolet Irradiation
with Remote Control

The device of bactericidal action UFIT-SD is a recirculator, a bactericidal irradiator of closed type, intended for disinfection of air and surfaces in a room with UV rays with a maximum radiation wavelength of 250-260 nm.

It is used to kill microorganisms in airspace.

Used in:

  • hospitals (operating rooms, wards);
  • food industry (warehouses, refrigeration units);
  • production of medicines (shops, laboratories, packaging);
  • public premises (schools, kindergartens, hotels, gyms);
  • commercial premises of food products;
  • home conditions;
  • cars (refrigerators).

It is irreplaceable in the period of epidemics and for prevention of ARI, ARVI.

The advantage of the device is that it can work while people present indoors.

A powerful, but at the same time low-noise fan, blowing air at a rate of 48 m3 / h, which allows for effective exposure in an area of 30 m2.

For premises with larger area, it is recommended to install several devices with a calculation of 1 device for 30 m2.

The device is easily installed and, thanks to the remote control, can be easily switched on.

The device with remote control is executed in the following modifications:

  • control from the console;
  • Smartphone management (Android);
  • Smartphone management (iOS + Android);

The settings, as well as the current time, are displayed on the LCD display on the body of the device.

The device works in both automatic and manual modes.

Automatic mode:

With the remote control from the remote control, it is possible to set the time for switching on / off the device, duration and breaks, and adjust the display of the current time on the screen of device.

The device with control from the Smartphone has additional functions: selecting a program from an existing list of programs (30 programs), creating your own program, setting the password for access to the device, etc.

The program is compatible with all brands of Smartphones with OS Android 4+ and with all models of the phone.

Manual mode:

Control with the buttons on the body of the device.

Technical Characteristics
Parameter Value
Current consumption, not more, А 0.5
Setting the operating mode, no more than, s 30
Wavelength, nm 250-260
Blown air volume, m3/hour 48
Lamp power consumption, W 2х15
Power consumption of device, no more than, VA 50
Service life of lamp, not less than, hours 12000
Blown air volume, m3/min 0.8
Remote control range, not less than, m:
- using the remote control
- from smartphone

Service life, not less than, years 5
Overall dimensions, mm 500х180х75
Class of protection against electric current shock
Mass, kg (depending on version of device) 2.4
The device provides continuous operation for not more than 8 hours followed by a break of at least 30 minutes.
The device is operable at AC power supply with a frequency of (50 ± 0,5) Hz of 230V with a voltage deviation of ± 23V from the nominal value.
Also, the device may be manufactured with the ability to connect to the vehicle's on-board network of 12-24V DC.


The results of tests, by the Centralized Bacteriological Laboratory (Khmelnitsky) of the apparatus positioned in the corridors of the polyclinic with an area of 150–180 m2, which were performed by the method of air intake with TYPHOON apparatus at a distance of at least 10 m from the operating UFIT-S apparatus and subsequent analysis at the laboratory, showed their efficiency, reduction of microbic insemination by (50–60) %. The level of colony-forming organisms, with the operating apparatus, corresponded to the requirements of the conditions for surgical operating rooms of 300–500 units. With UFIT-S apparatus off, this level corresponded to 800–1200 units.