state enterprise
G1.6 РЛЕ
Gas Meters
with Electronic
Indication Device

Household Gas Meters NOVATOR G1.6РЛЕ–Т with Electronic counting mechanism

Purpose and Properties

The household gas meters with the electronic counting mechanism are designed to measure the flow rate of natural gas as per ГОСТ 5542, vapors of liquefied hydrocarbon gas as per ГОСТ 4047 and other gases during commercial metering at the gas using activities.

The service life of the meters, taking into account maintenance, is not less than 20 years. The mode of operation can be both continuous and intermittent.

The gas volume measurement results and its temperature are displayed at the digital annunciator.

The gas meters do not need additional fixing systems.

Stability of the metrological characteristics of the G1.6 РЛЕ-T meters and resistance to the influence of environmental factors are confirmed by the results of household meters operation with natural gas under real conditions.

The meters have a possibility to connect a communication module via a radio channel; this allows them to operate as part of the automated data acquisition system as well as of other modules.

This provides:

  • remote monitoring and reading of the meter;
  • quick warning of unauthorized interventions into the meter operation.

Technical Characteristics

Parameters Model G1.6 РЛЕ-Т
Maximal flow rate, Qmax, m3/h 2.5
Nominal flow rate, Qnom, m3/h 1.6
Minimal flow rate, Qmin, m3/h 0.016
Sensitivity threshold, m3/h 0.005
Pressure loss at Qmax, Pа 200
Maximal excess operating pressure, kPа, maximum 50/300
Limits of admissible relative error:
– from 0.1 Qmax to Qmax'
– from Qmin' to 0.1 Qmax'
Operating temperature, °С From –25 to +70
Gas volume measurement range, m3 From 0 to 99999.9999
Degree of protection IP54
Display LCD
Optical port +
Power supply Lithium battery
3.6 V
Battery life, years 8
Inter-checking interval, years 8
Service life, years, minimum 20
Diameter of nominal bore of pipe connections (pipe), mm 15/20
(or by order)
Material of bodies and rotors aluminium alloys
Weight of meter, kg. 1.4
Overall dimensions, mm 100х100х130

Household Gas Meters NOVATOR G1.6РЛЕ –Т meet the requirements of the Technical Regulation of Measuring Instruments, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 163 of 24.02.2016. Certificate of verification type № UA.TR.113-0025-16 dated 08/12/2016. Certificate of conformity № UA.TR.113-0025-2F-17 dated 02.10.2017.


  • availability of the electronic module allows to correct the metrological characteristic of the meter, i.e. to account the consumed gas with a minimal error;
  • correction of consumption accounting depending on the temperature of the incoming gas;
  • protection against an unauthorized intervention into the meter operation, including the influence of a magnetic field;
  • storage of the measurement results in the non-volatile memory;
  • the smallest meter in its field providing a high carrying capacity;
  • preservation of stability of the metrological characteristics within the whole service life;
  • only the household meters operate at the maximal pressure of 300 kРа;
  • increased level of safety of meters operation at an ambient temperature up to 80 °С, this allows to mount the meter in the close proximity to the gas cooker in the premises with a small useful area of kitchens;
  • modern design, small overall dimensions ensure comfort of operation and maintenance;
  • the meters NOVATOR G1,6 РЛЕ-T can be delivered together with a high-efficiency filter-sump, this prolongs the meter service life.