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ЛК-15ХА, ЛК-15ГА
Impeller Meters for
Cold and Hot Water

The ЛК antimagnetic impeller water meters are designed to measure the volume of potable water or hot water in the systems of hot water supply which flows through them at a maximal pressure of 1 МPa and for temperatures from 5 °С to 30 °С and from 30 °С to 90 °С with a rotating counting mechanism for convenient reading in any position.

The hermetically sealed counting mechanism of the meter excludes sweating and ingress of dust. The NOVATOR water meter has a built-in non-return valve which is designed to protect the meter against a reverse water flow, this excludes the possibility of water losses. The original solution of design and manufacturing technology of non-return valves makes the NOVATOR water meter simpler than other types.

The meters are equipped with the counting mechanism which has a magnetic link with the impeller device. Impeller suspension: ПАС agate jewels or ПКС corundum ones.

The materials of the parts contacting the running water are made of polypropylene 01020-16, do not deteriorate the water quality and are proof against its action. Body: ЛЦ40С brass. Service life: 12 years. Guarantee: 18 months from the date of putting into service.

The ЛК-15 antimagnetic water meters are proof against the influence of a magnetic field with an intensity of 50–100 mТ in conformity with the conditions of ДСТУ 3580-97. The meters should preserve serviceability when they are influenced with a magnet with a diameter of 70 mm, 30 mm high, with a magnetic inductance of 0.5 T.

Diameter of nominal bore (DN), mm 15
Class and operating position BN/AV
Water temperature, °С  
 – hot water 30-90
 – cold water 5-30
Water flow rates, m3/hour:
– minimal (Qmin)
– transient (Qt)
– nominal (Qn)
– maximal (Qmax)
Gear ratio (К), m3/pulse 6.9228х10-6
Counting mechanism capacity, m3 99999
Least division value of counting mechanism, m3 0.0001
Limit of admissible relative error, %, within flow rates C    H
– from Qmin (inclusive) to Qt ±5   ±5
– from Qt (inclusive) to Qmax ±2   ±3
Sensitivity threshold, m3/hour, maximum 0.015/0.03
Pressure loss at Qmax, МPа, maximum 0.1
Impeller suspension: ПАС agate jewels or ПКС corundum ones, pcs. 2
Overall dimensions, maximum:  
 – length (without reducer), mm 110
 – length with mounting pipe connections, mm 190
 – width, mm 80
 – height, mm 85
Nominal diameter of threaded connection G3/4-В
Mass, kg  
 – meter 0.65
 – meter with mounting set 1.0