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ЛК-15ИХ, ЛК-15ИГ
Impeller Meters for
Cold and Hot Water
with Pulse Output

The ЛК impeller water meters with a pulse output are designed to measure the volume of potable water or hot water in the systems of hot water supply which flows through them at a maximal pressure of 1 МPa and for temperatures from 5 °С to 30 °С and from 30 °С to 90 °С with a rotating counting mechanism for convenient reading in any position. The meters are equipped with a reed-relay transducer of a “dry contact” pulse output to transmit a signal to the reading device.

The hermetically sealed counting mechanism of the meter excludes sweating and ingress of dust. The NOVATOR water meter has a built-in non-return valve which is designed to protect the meter against a reverse water flow, this excludes the possibility of water losses. The original solution of design and manufacturing technology of non-return valves makes the NOVATOR water meter simpler than other types.

The meters are equipped with the counting mechanism which has a magnetic link with the impeller device. Impeller suspension: ПАС agate jewels or ПКС corundum ones.

The materials of the parts contacting the running water are made of polypropylene 01020-16, do not deteriorate the water quality and are proof against its action. Body: ЛЦ40С brass. Service life: 12 years. Guarantee: 18 months from the date of putting into service.

The ЛК-15И water meters are proof against the influence of a magnetic field with an intensity of 50–100 mТ in conformity with the conditions of ДСТУ 3580-97.

Diameter of nominal bore (DN), mm 15
Class and operating position BN/AV
Water temperature, °С  
 – hot water 30-90
 – cold water 5-30
Water flow rates, m3/hour:
– minimal (Qmin)
– transient (Qt)
– nominal (Qn)
– maximal (Qmax)
Gear ratio (К), m3/pulse 6.9228х10-6
Counting mechanism capacity, m3 99999
Least division value of counting mechanism, m3 0.0001
Limit of admissible relative error, %, within flow rates C    H
– from Qmin (inclusive) to Qt ±5   ±5
– from Qt (inclusive) to Qmax ±2   ±3
Sensitivity threshold, m3/hour, maximum 0.015/0.03
Pressure loss at Qmax, МPа, maximum 0.1
Pulse value, l/pulse 10
Pulse duration, ms, minimum 0.5
Frequency, Hz, maximum 1
Wire length, m 2
Impeller suspension: ПАС agate jewels or ПКС corundum ones, pcs. 2
Overall dimensions, maximum:  
 – length (without reducer), mm 110
 – length with mounting pipe connections, mm 190
 – width, mm 80
 – height, mm 85
Nominal diameter of threaded connection G3/4-В
Mass, kg  
 – meter 0.65
 – meter with mounting set 1.0