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Checking Units

Checking unit pouring УПП-15Г designed to measure the volume of water during calibration, checking and testing of water meters with 15 mm diameter of nominal bore (for 20 mm test section and the calibration nozzle which forms checking costs are made on additional request). The number of meters of one type, which are simultaneously checked - 6 pieces. Closed cycle of water use is applied in unit. Unit implements dynamic method of fixing the volume and volume-time cost measurement method provides automatic control of the entire unit, processing the results of measurements and calculations meters work error, the formation of archive database, checking results and its print output.

МChecking methodVolumetric
The range of costs that are recreated, m3/hour0,03-3,5
Measurement error of checking expenses, %-
Relative installation error, % 
On cold water:% 
at 1 and 2 checking expense±0,4
at 3 checking expense±0,7
on hot water: 
at 1 and 2 checking expense:±0,6
at 3 checking expense:±0,8
Water temperature, which is used, °Сfrom 5 to 85
Instability of expenses, %±0,5
Water use cycle closedclosed
Measurement sections number1
Maximum number of meters Дy 15, pc.6
Maximal consumed power, kW0,8
Water temperature, which is used, °Сfrom 5 to 85
for УПП-15Г, УПП-15Х0.6
for УПП-15/20Г, УПП-15/20Х7
Area, occupied by unit with service area, m20.6
Height, m.7
2.Delivery set:0.6
Checking unit pouring УПП-15Г or УПП-15/20Г1 pc.
Computer **1 pc.
Operation manual1 pc.
Passport1 pc.

** The computer is supplied on request.

Assembling, mounting and commissioning including staff training, warranty and post-warranty repairs provides SE Novator. Possible suggestions for designs change, or software installation are taken into account by manufacturer while conclusion contract for supply.