state enterprise

time of continuous work on one battery - at least 1 hour;

efficiency - not less than 40%;

the number of transmitters and transmitting antennas with a circular radiation pattern - 9;.

product weight with built-in battery - not more than 18 kg;

dimensions without antennas - 300 * 250 * 120 mm;

the product is placed on the frame with straps for comfortable wearing on the back;

The product has the ability to set the radio transparency band in the frequency range 168-172 MHz. The battery is placed in a separate compartment and, if it is necessary to increase the time of continuous operation, it can be quickly replaced with the charged one.

barrier transmitter
small-size broadband barrier-type
frequency range of
20-4000 МГц

"Oberig-N" - small-size broadband barrier-type barrier transmitter in the frequency range of 20-4000 MHz

The product "Oberig-N" The product may be used in mine clearance to protect the miner from radio-controlled explosion of another explosive device that may be close to it, and may also be used in the training of radio communication units in the presence of radio interference.

Technical characteristics :

  • operating frequency range - 20-4000 MHz
  • the distance of suppression of radio lines within a radius of not less than 20 meters;
  • integrated output power - not less than 120 W;
  • the output power of interference transmitters is shown in Table 1.
The name of the component part Output power, W
ПП-01 20-120 MHz 11.0
ПП-02 120-180 MHz,180-320 MHz 13,0
ПП-03 320-520 MHz,430-470 MHz. 15,0
ПП-04 520-850 MHz 12,0
ПП-05 850-900 MHz,935-965 MHz 20
ПП-06 900-1400 MHz1400-1800 MHz 12,0
ПП-07 1800-1900 MHz 12,0
ПП-08 2110-2170 MHz 16,0
ПП-09 1900-2500 MHz 2400-4000 MHz 20
Total power 131,0
Battery 24 V capacity 20 А/h