state enterprise
Control radio Link
Suppression System
of Frequency Range
of 20-4000 MHz


"Garant-M" product is designed for radio suppression of receiving sections of various radio technical facilities, radio communication channels of stationary, mobile and portable radio stations, radio telephones of cellular communication systems as well as for protection of mobile facilities (columns on the move and single combat and transport facilities) by preventing a radio-controlled explosion of explosive devices (mines, fougasses et al.). The task is accomplished by radiating a hampering radio signal over the whole frequency range where the use of the mentioned control radio links is possible.

The use of this product allowed neutralizing several attempts of a radio-controlled explosion of an automobile column on the move (explosions occurred after the column transit of the spot of radio-controlled fougasse laying beyond the boundaries of the radio suppression zone).

Basic Technical Characteristics:

  • Frequency range of noise radiation: 20–4000 MHz
  • Type of noise: wide-band barrage
  • Summary integral output power of noise: – not less than 700 W
  • Radio suppression distance (depending on the parameters of radio lines)– not less than 75 m
  • Power consumption – not more than 1, 8 kW
  • Supply voltage - board network + 2 pcs. Battery 24V
  • Ambient temperature: from minus 40 °С to 50 °С

Brief Description of System

"Garant-M" system consists of 4 БПРЛ-1, -2, -3, -4 radio suppression units. Each of the БПРЛ-1, -2, -3 units consists of 4 jamming transmitters with a high-efficiency 4-lead wide-band antenna with the circular radiation pattern in the horizontal plane. The БПРЛ-4 includes two jamming transmitters and two wide-band antennas.

Serviceability of "Garant-M" system in the wide range of the supply voltage from 10 to 30 V allows using it on the transport facilities which have the electrical systems with the rated voltage of 12 V and 24 V.

There is an option of 220V power supply, in case of its disappearance; the product automatically enters battery power.

The product is under series manufacture. It is used by peace-keeping contingents in the conflict zones and can be delivered for needs of the Defence Ministry of Ukraine.