state enterprise
СО-72М    А-511

The enterprise manufactures the СОМ-64, СО-70, СО-69, СО-72М, А511, aircraft transponders designed to operate with secondary radar air traffic control (ATC) systems.

The transponders allow to ensure automatic generation of information on aircraft number, flight altitude, fuel reserve, course, ground speed as well as (when interrogated by an ATC controller) generation of the aircraft identification signal; by the pilot’s command — transmission of the “Emergency” signal; automatic transmission of the “Wheels down” signal.

Transponder operation mode (ATC system):

  • СО-69 — GCA, ATC or ATC-М;
  • СО-72М — GCA, ATC, ATC-М, АС, А;
  • А-511 — GCA, ATC, ATC-М, АС, А.

The transponders in the complex with secondary radars increase efficiency of air traffic control, ensure safety and economy of flights. Installation of a transponder in the aircraft of international air lines is mandatory.

The aircraft transponders are used in the following types of aircraft:

  • СО72-М — Тu-154М, Yak-42, Аn-124 (Ruslan), Аn-225 (Мriya), Аn-72, Аn-74, Il-62М, Il-76Т, Тu-204, Il-96-300, Аn-38, Аn-70, Аn-140, Il-86.
  • СО-69 — МiG-23, МiG-25, МiG-27, МiG-29, МiG-31, Тu-142, Тu-95, Yak-40, L-410, Мi-26 helicopter.
  • А-511 — Su-27, Su-30, Su-33, Su-34, Su-35, Тu-22, Тu-95, Тu-160.

Control panels of the transponders are located in the aircraft cabin, the remaining units — in different (including unpressurized) compartments of the aircraft, depending on space availability and antenna location.

The enterprise manufactures a complete set of assemblies, including a mounting set to mount the transponder in the specific aircraft.

The enterprise manufactures a range of instruments for service maintenance, quick checks and repair of the transponders under the operating conditions:

ПС04-316 — aircraft transponder peak power meter with a complete set of connected devices.

ПС16-521 — air traffic control system portable ground radar signal simulator. It is used to check the parameters of the СО-69, СО-70, СО-72М, СОМ-64, А-511 aircraft transponders aboard when connected to the specially envisaged connectors or on the air in the ATC modes.

KACO-V — portable ICAO standard ground radar international channel simulator.

BCS — bipolar code simulator. It is used to check the СО-72М and А-511 aircraft transponders in the digital version. It may be used when checking other products having a digital code.

Testers for each type of the transponders ensure complete check of the transponder and its units under the operating conditions. Connection is provided with a set of cables.